The host of the Conference of the South African Advanced Materials Initiative (CoSAAMI 2020), CSIR, is pleased to invite you to submit abstracts on the latest research and development in the science and technologies associated with advanced materials.

The conference is an evolution of the advanced materials initiative (AMI) series of conferences which offered a platform for researchers and students from the AMI networks, Light Metals Development Network (LMDN), Ferrous Materials Development Network (FMDN), Precious Materials Development Network (PMDN) and the Nuclear Materials Development Network (NMDN) and researchers globally, to present their work on topics related to the themes of the conference.

The annual AMI conference provides researchers and students across all networks the opportunity to present their research on advanced materials.

The programme encompasses materials science aimed at beneficiation of South African Minerals toward R&I-led industrialisation.

Papers will be double blind peer reviewed and published in proceedings which will be open access.

Principal investigators, researchers and students from research councils, universities and industry are encouraged to participate.


Powder metallurgy
Materials for extreme environment
Smart materials
Light weighting
Design, modelling and simulation
Political economy of materials science
Advanced manufacturing:
– Additive manufacturing
– Casting
– Machining
– Hybrid manufacturing, etc
Alloy development
Novel Energy Materials

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