Professor M Neil James
Fracture-safe and fatigue-reliable design
The talk will discuss the margin between success and failure in engineering design, particularly focusing on the problems associated with welded joints, based on his experiences as an expert witness and failure analyst, as well as pointing out the benefits to society of cost-effective fracture-safe and fatigue reliable design. The presentation will also briefly present the opportunities offered in advanced mechanistic understanding of the role of residual stresses in fracture using techniques such as synchrotron and neutron diffraction.

Muzi Manzi
An overview of the South African Aluminium industry, towards 2030 and beyond
The presentation will provide an overview of the structure of the South African Aluminium industry as it seeks to implement the resolution of a Department of Science and Technology, South African Aluminium Industry Roadmap (SAAIR). The SAAIR is a blueprint which is going to carve a growth trajectory for industry towards 2030 and beyond. The roadmap when implemented fully, will lead to the doubling of the demand for Aluminium consumption in the country as well as double the employment with the sector through the development of downstream manufacturers of finished goods.

Dr Gabriel (Gawie) Nothnagel
Material requirements of nuclear reactors and related technologies
The talk will focus on general material requirements in the context of the operational environment specific to nuclear reactors and related technologies. Some anticipated future developments in the field of nuclear technologies, which will inevitably pose new challenges to materials development, may bring new ways to modify materials, or may offer new ways to study fundamental properties of materials, will also be discussed.